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About me:

My name’s Gloria Paganotto, I’m 33 years old, I live in Charleroi (Belgium) and I’m Make-Up Artistry student at « Tagnon Institute » since February 2018. My teacher is the talented Ebonee.

To avoid any reaction, I pay close attention to what I apply as a makeup on my skin, and because of this, in order to offer the best service and the best products to my clients, I specialize myself in the use of 100% vegan/organic professional makeup and cruelty-free.

I’ve worked in the music industry for some time, I traveled a lot and learned from all the people I met over the years.

I’ve collaborated with Japanese people and often traveled to Tokyo, those trips opened my mind and forged my creativity.

I’m an open-minded person, smiling, tolerant, creative, caring about detail and attentive to my customers desires.

My mother tongue is french but i’m fluent in english/italian and I speak also a bit of japanese.

My services

My job is to make you beautiful in all circumstances:

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Evening party
  • Communion
  • Photoshoot
  • Video shooting
  • Movies
  • Runway shows
  • Any special event which is important for you
  • Etc…

I try to work as much as possible with CRUELY-FREE brands and I start to use only vegan cosmetics to satisfy everybody (the quality is the same, if not better). If you’re intolerant to a component, the list of ingredients of the cosmetics I use is always available on the internet, I can also give you the list of possible « allergenic vegetal agents » they could possibly contain.

Currently, I use mainly of those following brands* (I give you the characteristics of each brand):

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills (PETA certified)
  • NYX Cosmetics (PETA certified)
  • Urban Decay (« Leaping Bunny » certified)
  • Makeup Addiction
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (100% VEGAN, PETA certified)
  • Kat Von D (I use also their vegan cosmetics, PETA certified)
  • Lime Crime (100% VEGAN, « Leaping Bunny » certified)
  • Sugarpill (I use their vegan cosmetics when it’s possible, PETA certified)
  • Fairy Girl (100% VEGAN, « Leaping Bunny » certified)
  • Kryolan (PETA certified)
  • Avril (organic and vegan cosmetics, cruelty-free)

False lashes (100% animal-free ONLY):

  • House of Lashes (Cruelty Free International Trust)
  • Ardell

Brushes (100% animal-free ONLY):

  • Lime Crime (100% VEGAN, « Leaping Bunny » certified)
  • Morphe
  • Urban Decay
  • Zoeva
  • M.A.C

(*the all list is subject to change, since I’m going to use mainly vegan cosmetics, I may add /remove brands soon)


My rates will be available after graduation (mid-June 2018).

At the moment, I practice 40% discount of the regular rate that will be applied in June, don’t hesitate to use my services!

The service includes labor, cosmetics  and « extras » (eg false eyelashes).

If you still want to use my services, I invite you to contact me directly via the contact form or by pm on my Facebook page.


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